About Capensis

Capensis Metalwork is a small metal design studio located in Edmonton, Alberta. Modern functional pieces are designed and crafted by Alayna Dornbush, with an aesthetic that aims to both celebrate and elevate the nature of humble materials. Wood, concrete, glass and a variety of salvaged materials may all be used as well as steel and aluminum. Metals may be powder coated or plated, or hand rubbed with a conditioner for a raw finish. All products are made to order, and a minimum 6 week lead time is kindly requested. For custom inquiries please use the contact page. 


About Alayna

With a background in culinary arts, Alayna had been cooking her way around the world on sailboats before doing a 180 and returning to Edmonton to enter the trades. She earned her journeyman welding ticket while building truck bodies in a local manufacturing shop, and immediately started to design and build projects on the side. Knowing she had found her niche, and to the chagrin of her coworkers, she would noisily work on projects through her coffee and lunch breaks. She created Capensis with the goal of being able to do what she loved full time. She has now built her own tiny welding studio, and can work all through coffee and lunch without bothering anyone.

Alayna is extremely proud to call Edmonton home. This year she will be participating in Vignettes (vignettesyeg.ca) as the metal artist on a terrific team of artists and designers. Vignettes is a design competition that aims to showcase and celebrate Edmonton's talented design community. She is honoured to have been a co-designer with Shauna Rae on the Ski2LRT initiative, and the locking cross country ski rack at Century Park she built was featured at Latitude53’s design exhibit ‘Sheltered Exposed - Architecture and Design for Alberta’s Prairie Winter’ in February 2017. She looks forward to being part of future projects that celebrate Edmonton's seasons and the design community here.   

When she’s not locked away in her studio, you can find Alayna enjoying the local restaurant scene, hitting the cross country ski trails, and cheering her daughter on at basketball games.

About the name and logo

Capensis means 'of or from the cape of South Africa'. When Alayna was eight months pregnant she sailed through the Knysna heads, a treacherous passage that is famously littered with shipwrecks, to reach the beautiful town of Knysna. Her baby girl was born on the peaceful Knysna lagoon, and for a year they lived on a tiny sailboat in that lagoon. There is a seahorse, the hippocampus capensis, that is endemic to those warm waters.